This is a project created for WWF to increase the amount of donations among young people living in the cities.The result became a user experience that completely reshapes the foundation model of donations by using technology and adding more transparency and instant rewards.

The sulution became campaign that uses a very strong and effective visual communication and includes the donors in a fun and easy way.

We use Clear Channel screens in public places, places where nature is hardly seen. The digital screens show a dramatic lifeless nature with a simple yet powerful message on it, "Is this how you imagine nature?" We offer the viewer the possibility to create life by donating an amount of money using Swishor SMS.

Each time someone donates money the lifeless nature starts to live up and animals appears on the screen. The more money that is donated the more lively the screens gets.

The interaction from the user is almost instant and infectious, they will immediately be rewarded by creating life. A playful approach that also shows that the users money actually makes a different. Using very strong and effective visual communication, and by including the donors in a fun and easy way After 24h the screen goeas back to idle and is reasdy for a new day of donations. *Swish is a very simple, common and popular Swedish payment app.

See the case video below.


Art direction, Digital design, Concept